The Ultimate Guide to Card Modernization

The Ultimate Guide to Card Modernization is a three-part series of ebooks designed to educate issuers on what card modernization means, provide insight on why it’s imperative in today’s world, describe best practices for delivery of features, and demonstrate the value issuers will gain for themselves and their cardholders.

The Ultimate Guide to Card Modernization, Part 1: 
Why Cards Should Be a Focus for Digital Transformation

•    Factors accelerating the need for modernization
•    Benefits of innovating with payment cards
•    Characteristics of a modern card program

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Part 2: Digital experiences across the card lifecycle
Dive into:
•    The stages of a modern card lifecycle 
•    Digital experiences possible with a mobile card app
•    Optimizing account opening for success

Part 3: The business case for card modernization
•    The impact of card modernization on an issuer
•    How to align stakeholders
•    The benefits of a linked app